Episode 159 – Abby Fermont talks about keeping it in the family

Abby Fermont

In this episode we talk to Abby Fermont, a Declutter Hub member who has been steadily decluttering and organising her home over the past year. Slowly but surely, she has been involving other family members in her decluttering with some fantastic and inspirational results.

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Show Summary

  • How Abby got started with decluttering

  • How creating a sanctuary for her daughter with special needs and autism has evolved

  • How listening to a podcast made the lightbulbs go on about her wardrobe choices

  • The special project she is enjoying with her parents

  • How she incorporates decluttering accountability into her social life 

  • How she is embracing the Tik Tok world

  • What parts of the Declutter Hub membership she loves most

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