Episode 129 – Creating a capsule wardrobe with guest Laura Taylor

Laura Taylor

In today's episode Ingrid is talking to Laura Taylor and we will be talking about how to build a perfectly curated capsule wardrobe with the aim to shrink your wardrobe and expand your style! 

Laura is an independent Image Consultant running her own business Your Style with Laura. She spends her days empowering women to enhance their natural colouring and shape, without having to be perfect. She focuses equally on how her clients feel as well as how they look. Her goal is for every woman to fall in love with themselves just the way they are NOW. 

In this weeks podcast Ingrid speaks to Laura Taylor about designing your own perfect capsule wardrobe

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Show summary

  • Laura explains what a capsule wardrobe is, and how many items you should have in it
  • She tells us what the main components of a capsule wardrobe are
  • We discuss why British women love the idea of black clothing
  • Laura states why it is so important to know your colours 
  • We talk about the do's and don'ts when decluttering your wardrobe
  • We discuss how to effectively organise your wardrobe to make it suit you and your needs

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