Episode 26 – Is a personal stylist worth it?

Colette Ali personal stylist styles an outfit

In this podcast, Lesley talks to Colette Ali, a personal stylist, who helps people look and feel their best through what they wear. What we wear is one expression to the outside world of who we are and what we represent so it's vital to get that right to ensure you always feel your best. Lesley talks to Colette Ali, who works with clients on their self esteem, body image and wellbeing through shopping with and styling them.

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Show Summary

  • How important people skills are when you are a personal stylist and the similarities with professional organisers.
  • What factors you need to consider when you are decluttering your wardrobe.
  • The need to research what you want to buy before you embark on a shopping trip.
  • You should try and make everything in your wardrobe desirable and wearable.
  • Figure out what your body shape is before you shop and shop with your shape firmly in mind.
  • Buy for the person you want to be and not for who others think you should be.
  • Are instore personal stylists useful?
  • Should we be following hard and fast rules about colour?

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