Episode 145 – The dos and don’ts of shopping for clothes

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In this episode, we are talking about the key dos and don'ts when you are out shopping. They create a more methodical shopping method, and ensure you don't end up with unwanted things such as hangers that can really clutter up your home!

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Show Summary

  • We begin by going through the don'ts of shopping. These include things such as not buying clothes to make you feel better, as that is often when you buy things for the sake of it, not buying bargains and not buying the same go-to items.
  • A key way to avoid clutter in your homes is not taking the hangers when you are offered them - often they are unnecessary and sit there unused.
  • We explain the dos that we use ourselves when shopping. 
  • We love to operate a one in, one out policy to ensure our wardrobes don't end up overflowing.
  • It is important to plan outfits, not just buying one item that might not match what you already own.

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