Episode 13 – Could you do a ‘No Shopping Challenge’?

No shopping challenge woman deciding whether to shop or save

In this episode, Lesley talks to two friends who embarked on a challenge to change their clothes shopping behaviours. We talk about the psychology of shopping, the details of their challenge and most importantly what they learnt from the process and whether they would recommend it for anyone who wants to challenge themselves in the New Year. Could you do a no shopping challenge? To help you think about it, here are the things we talk about.

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Show Summary

  • Do we shop in order to treat ourselves? 
  • If we shop with a friend or family member, is the treat having company?
  • Is shopping so ingrained in our lives that it becomes routine?
  • Is keeping up with the latest fashions a driver?
  • Do we shop in order to make ourselves feel better about our body? 
  • Is it beneficial when setting yourself a challenge to be accountable to someone else? 
  • What are the rules of the no shopping challenge they embarked on? 
  • What did the challenge teach them?  

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