Episode 139 – What you can take to the charity shop

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In this episode, Lesley is talking to Sandra Czachur. We spoke to Sandra in episode 131 all about her decluttering journey and her experience of downsizing and then upsizing again. Do listen in if you haven’t already. 

Sandra spends her time in Llandudno walking on the North Wales beach with her two lovely dogs, Barkley and Poppy. She loves Instagram to share progress on the gradual refurbishment of her new home and volunteers for the Cats' Protection Charity.

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Show Summary

  • Lesley shares the most unusual thing she's ever decluttered (hint: it is to do with Sandra)
  • Sandra explains what her charity, The Cats Protection is all about
  • She explains what her day looks like working in a charity shop
  • She explains the process of sorting the donations
  •  She suggests the items that are most welcomed by the charity shops and what sells easiest
  • She also tells what sort of items can cause problems
  • Sandra finishes by telling us some hints and tips for all things charity shops.
  • We also discuss our Cycle of Success graphic which will keep you on track.

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