Episode 137 – M&S explains what happens to clothes from the shwopping scheme

Carmel Mcquaid
Episode 155 – The Discovery of Less with Guest Chris Lovett
Episode 154 – Preparing kids’ stuff for Uni

In today's episode, Lesley is chatting to Carmel Mcquaid, the Head of Sustainability at Marks and Spencer, a retailer well loved and operating all around the world. Carmel explains what M&S are doing to encourage sustainability in their clothing and we couldn’t be more delighted to welcome her.

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Show Summary

  • We discuss why it is important to M&S to be the world’s most sustainable retailer
  • Carmel explains what M&S are doing to create ethically sourced products and avoid fast fashion
  • Carmel describes the Shwopping scheme and explains how it works, and what happens to the items
  • I ask Carmel how she thinks Professional Organisers can help educate consumers to shop differently

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