Episode 126 – Sustainable(ish) with Guest Jen Gale

Jen Gale
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In this episode, Ingrid is talking to Jen Gale from Sustainable(ish).

Jen is an ordinary, knackered mum of two whose life changed when she dragged and cajoled the family into a year buying nothing new. That year changed not only what she buys, but also how she sees her place in the world. Jen recognised the power that we all have as individuals to make a difference to the things we care about, simply through getting informed about the impact of our daily choices, and figuring out easy swaps and changes. 

She is the author of The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide and The Sustainable(ish) Guide to Green Parenting. The family are still (just about) talking to her and they live in Wiltshire where Jen writes and podcasts about all things Sustainable(ish). 

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Show Summary

  • Jen goes back to where it all started, and explains why she began this journey of buying nothing for a year
  • She explains her progression over the years since the initial decision for her challenge
  • She gives accurate facts and figures about all things sustainability
  • We address how to tackle feelings of guilt associated with throwing things away
  • Jen gives her tips on how you can live a more sustainable life, including how to reduce food waste and prevent landfill
  • We discuss whether lockdown has had an impact on how sustainable people have become
  • Jen gives us her top tips for starting your sustainable journey and keeping the momentum going 

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