Episode 132 – What to do with half worn clothes

In today’s episode we are talking about half worn clothes - something the two of us disagree on! This is a question we get asked a lot, so we thought it was time to address the issue (despite our conflicting views!)

In this weeks podcast we are discussing what to do with your half worn clothes - floordrobe, chairdrobe or banisterdrobe?

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Show summary

  • Half worn clothes exist since we don’t need to throw everything in the wash immediately.
  • You should do a test to see if it smells, or if it is still clean - then you can decide where to put them
  • Lots of people do different things with their half worn clothes - Lesley opts for the floordrobe, whilst Ingrid chooses the banisterdrobe
  • We discuss what the best solution is for this

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  • Andrea says:

    That was fumny and interesting.

    I’m totally with Ingrid. I don’t want to always put everything back into the wardrobe.

    But having the stuff distributed everywhere (as you don’t want one big pile) looks messy.

    To solve this issue/dilemma I have designed a dedicated “inbetweendrobe”.

    The shallow tilted compartments ensure everything can be found at first glance but it’s a designated space making the room look tidy at all times.

    Please check it out on my website, etsy shop or instagram, where this and variations of it (a small one to put in a wardrobe) will be available again soon.

    Vertical Wardrobes

  • Dody says:

    I’m with Ingrid – I don’t like to put half worn clothes back in my wardrobe as I don’t like mixing unwashed clothes with washed clothes. I air mine on a hanger, then fold them on a shelf until I wear them again – and I don’t have many clothes ‘on the go’ at any one time.

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