Episode 164 – How does a foodbank help a community

sevenoaks larder

In this episode we talk to Claire Ritchie from Sevenoaks Larder. Claire helped her neighbours during lockdown and realised there is a huge need for food in her area. She then decided to take her lockdown project further and set up her own foodbank. She’s now a registered charity, has over 200 volunteers and helps 110 families. Listen to her inspirational story.

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Show Summary

  • How Claire started off in lockdown helping her neighbours  

  • How Claire realised there was such a need for food 

  • When her lockdown project turned in to a foodbank  

  • Who her volunteers are and how she fundraises  

  • How her clients can make their own food choices  

  • The logistics involved in running a foodbank 

  • What kind of food is accepted as donations  

  • How many other ideas she has to improve her community  

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  • Alison Wright says:

    I love Claire’s philosophy of empowering food choice to the clients. Being given a made up box can also lead to waste, as foodstuffs can be unsuitable for the recipient for many reasons. Giving them choice is a much better use of resources.

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