Episode 57 – Organising to reduce food waste

In this podcast, Lesley and Ingrid chat about National Organising Week with the focus on decluttering and organsing to reduce food waste. There is a large focus at the moment on decreasing food waste. Most food waste comes from a lack of organisation when shopping or meal planning. We discuss things you can put in place to reduce unnecessary food waste in your home.

Useful Links and Resources

Show Summary

  • What is APDO and what is National Organising Week?
  • It's always best to shop with a list.
  • Really focus on whether the pros of bulk buying outweigh the cons. 
  • Focus on visibility and accessibility when you are organising your food cupboards. 
  • Make sure you schedule in a leftovers day.
  • Periodically eat out the contents of your freezer.

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