Episode 74 – Guest expert Sarah Bickers shares her insight into ADHD and clutter

Sarah Bickers ADHD and clutter expert smiles


In this podcast, Ingrid talks to Professional Organiser, Sarah Bickers, who specialises in working with clients with ADHD. If you are interested in the relationship between living with ADHD and having clutter or untidiness in your home, this is the podcast for you. Sarah Bickers is a Professional Organiser working in South East London and shares her insight into ADHD and whether it links in to clutter.

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Show Summary

  • Up to 3% of the population are thought to have ADHD.
  • Many people with ADHD are undiagnosed.
  • People living with ADHD often struggle with repetitive tasks.
  • People with ADHD are often lured in by new things and experiences.
  • A fixed mindset versus growth mindset.
  • What are the two Ps prevalent with people living with ADHD?

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