Episode 9 – Guest Expert Leslie Josel discusses her work with ADHD

Leslie Josel ADHD Specialist

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We welcome our guest, Leslie Josel, a global expert in ADHD and Chronic Disorganisation

Guest interview with Leslie Josel, owner of Order Out of Chaos. Leslie is a professional organiser living in New York and she is a specialist in working virtually with clients struggling with ADHD and chronic disorganisation.

The things we discuss in this episode

  • Leslie tells us about her background and how she became a professional organiser?
  •  What is the definition of and how many people are estimated to have ADHD? 
  • Are people who have ADHD typically chronically disorganised?
  • How can people who have ADHD recognise they might need help?
  • Some examples of challenges people with ADHD face.
  • Leslie explains her award winning Academic Planner; a tool for time management, and how it helps students worldwide. 
  • Does it take people with ADHD longer to get organised?
  • The Declutter Hub Community is all about motivating people to get started on their decluttering journey. What can listeners with ADHD do themselves at home if they want to start? 

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You can find out lots more about Leslie at her website, Order Out Of Chaos, and details about the Academic Planner she talks about in the Podcast.

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