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Episode 197 – Packing your suitcase

If you’re ready to embark on a trip, whether that is a weekend away or a 2 week vacation, one of the things we love to hate is packing. In this podcast we’ll give you some hints and tips to take the pain out of packing a suitcase.

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Going on a trip or even a weekend away can be stressful, working out what to pack and take with you. A packing list is a good way to start so you don’t forget your passport, sunglasses or sun cream. You can make your own list on the computer and save it according to season, or short/long trip. Besides ticking of your packing list there are several other jobs to do before you go away. Here is our top 7 things that need doing so you leave your home in a relaxed state.


Empty all the bins in the house. You don’t want to have nasty smells in the home when you come back from a trip

Food and Drink

Don’t leave any food or drinks in your fridge that go off or expire while you are away.  Don’t over-buy groceries the week before your travels and finish those left-overs. Throw anything that’s left in the bin


Turn off any electrical equipment and turn down the heating. There no point in wasting energy when you’re not there and you’ll be saving money as well.


Double check that you have locked all windows and doors and leave a light on a timer, so it looks like someone is home while you are away


Have you made arrangements for someone to water your plants or remove your post at the front door? This is especially important if you go away for longer than a couple of days.

Tidy Up

Tidy up before you leave. Run a hoover through the house, turn on the dishwasher so you don’t have dirty dishes in your kitchen sink and leave an empty laundry basket. It’s wonderful to go away knowing your house is tidy and clean.


Put away any valuables and if you have a safe put your expensive jewellery in it. Make sure your curtains are closed and don’t leave things like a ladder outside the shed or garage to make it easy for burglars to get in the house.

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  1. Leslie and Ingrid,
    I listened to the Packing your Suitcase podcast yesterday.

    I am a huge fan of packing cubes!! I am now retired but while I worked for last 25 years or so, I traveled every month – typically 50-60% of my work time and all by airplane. The reason I like packing cubes is much more than to keep everything looking good in the suitcase. The reality is that even in nice hotels the drawers in the dressers are not always that clean. So, I would not take the clothes out of the cubes but rather put the cubes into the drawers. This accomplishes two things – lets me unpack and pack quickly and keeps my clothes clean not touching the drawer surface.

    Also, I felt so sad for Leslie's new dress being ruined. Yes, irons are so different both in temperature settings and the cleanliness of the press plate. In general, if a dress or suit was wrinkled, I would put the shower on and steam up the bathroom and then hang garment in the bathroom – this almost always worked. Also, if I must use an iron, I use one of the pillowcases as a "press cloth" – I too learned this the hard way!

    I use sandwich bags to put bottles in and then put those into my toiletries bag (learned the hard way on this as well).

    Finally, if one either wants a bag to last or travels a great deal, a strong bag is essential. I use Eagle Creek bags and though a tad expensive given the amount of use they wear very well – moreover they provide a warranty that fixes zippers, replaces wheels, etc.

    Great podcast,

    1. Hi Marion,

      Love your tips! Sounds indeed you have travelled a lot and have learned a lot along the way. Might have to rethink the packing cubes now I have read your comments.
      Great idea about the pillowcase as well. A great hack!

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