Episode 40 – Packing a suitcase

packing a suitcase

In this podcast, Lesley and Ingrid talk about the preparation needed for packing a suitcase for a plane trip. Packing a suitcase for plane travel can be tricky to get right. It needs preparation and planning to make sure you maximise the space in your suitcase and don't go over the luggage allowance.

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Show Summary

  • Making sure your laundry is up to date before embarking on packing.
  • The possibility of decluttering at the same time as packing a suitcase.
  • Instead of clinging on to old heavy suitcases, donate them to charity.
  • When storing suitcases and other luggage, store smaller ones inside the larger ones. 
  • Whether packing cubes are a useful organisational tool.
  • How best to pack shoes.
  • Ways of dealing with taking toiletries particularly in hand luggage. 
  • Taking bags for your dirty laundry
  • How a jewellery pouch is useful to take with you.
  • Does rolling or folding save space or keep things from creasing?
  • Is it worth using Marie Kondo style folding when packing a suitcase?

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