Episode 156 – Taking care of your stuff

Episode 166 – Highly Sensitive People with Guest Clare Kumar
Episode 165 – 10 things to declutter from your Christmas boxes

In the early 21st century a throw away society sadly reigned supreme. Luckily over the past few years there has been a shift towards sustainability, less waste and more make do and mend. But what can we do at home to take care of our items to make them last longer?

Useful Links and Resources

Show Summary

  • You can find useful how to videos on Youtube and via Google how to maintain and fix household things

  • Use your manual to help you troubleshoot

  • Change filters on vacuum cleaners, coffee machines and cooker hoods.

  • Turn your mattress and wash pillows and duvets regularly

  • Do daily, weekly and seasonal resets to ensure stuff is looked after

  • Keep on top of laundry to keep your clothes in tip top condition.

  • Add maintenance tasks to a to do list as you clean and declutter.

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