Episode 153 – 10 Things to declutter from stationery

stationery declutter
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Are you a stationery lover?

Stationery drawers are often full of things that will ‘come in handy’ one day. 

In this episode we go granular. 

We discuss 10 things that you may never use again and why it makes sense to declutter them so you are left with stationery that represents what you need TODAY!

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Show Summary

  • Pens & Pencils

  • Crayons

  • Rubbers and pencil sharpeners

  • Paper clips

  • Excess amount of envelopes

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  • Ann Magee says:

    Here I am listening to the Podcast 153 . Ingrid & Lesley, I just found a whole box of HB pencils. Being a shorthand writer you need a good pencil. Paperclips – 2 round drums, 1 drum coloured, 1 drum chrome. Envelopes, not too many. Old pens they need to go. Elastic bands make great folder holder, mail delivery they shouldn’t be on our streets as birds choke, I thought I saw that we can put them back in letterbox in UK so Mr Postman can take back to sorting office. I recycle jiffy bags for gifts to friends, or leave at charity shops. Bye it was good hope everybody else inspired. Ann Magee📨🖍🖊📁

  • Deborah says:

    Fun podcast! I am pretty sure it’s lever to rhyme with leaver, as Lesley says (sorry Ingrid!) – probably because they do indeed have a lever!

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