Episode 53 – Loft (Part 3) organising and zoning

Organising and Zoning a loft - very tidy loft with boxes

In Part 3 of this 3 part podcast series, Lesley and Ingrid talk about the storage you need when organising your loft and how zoning is so effective.

So many homes have lofts and attics that are filled to the brim with stuff - from appliance boxes to suitcases to memorabilia to kids' toys and hand me downs. You name it, it might just be in your loft. But decluttering your loft can be a daunting task. In this podcast series, we break it down so we think about the emotions involved, the decluttering, storage, loft organising and zoning.

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Show Summary

  • Good quality, see-through boxes with lids are critical when organising a loft.
  • Measure boxes before you buy to ensure they will go through your loft hatch.
  • If you can invest in different coloured boxes for different types of items, this can give a super organised and aesthetically pleasing look when organising your loft.
  • Use larger labels when working in a loft for enhanced visibility.
  • If your loft space will allow, think about using racking for greater accessibility.
  • Are you ever realistically going to use all the hand-me-downs or are you keeping things out of guilt?
  • Coincide a loft declutter with getting additional lighting, electricity or boarding your loft.
  • When zoning your loft, have a zone for holiday decorations.
  • Categorise hand-me-downs and rotate them effectively.
  • Suitcases should be stored together and if you are tight on space, smaller ones can be stored inside larger ones.
  • When organising your loft, use smaller boxes for paperwork so it doesn't become too heavy to move around.
  • Keep items in your household zone to a minimum.
  • Sentimental boxes do belong in a loft but ensure you go through them occasionally to make sure things are still special.
  • Think about creating a visual map of your zones so family members know the system that's been created.

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