Episode 52 – Loft (Part 2) planning and decluttering

Loft full with boxes that has been decluttered

In Part 2 of this three part podcast series, Lesley and Ingrid talk about the logistics that make decluttering your loft so daunting and suggest some challenging decluttering questions to ask yourself. So many homes have lofts and attics that are filled to the brim with stuff - from appliance boxes to suitcases to memorabilia to kids' toys and hand me downs. You name it, it might just be in your loft. But decluttering your loft can be a daunting task. In this podcast series, we break it down so we think about the emotions involved, the planning, decluttering, organising and zoning.

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Show Summary

  • What kinds of things you typically find when decluttering your loft.
  • It's important to make sure your loft is well lit.
  • Check the ladder and flooring is safe.
  • Think about the weather and use of fans or heaters if needed.
  • Have an exit plan for your stuff before you embark on decluttering your loft.
  • Are you ever realistically going to use all the hand-me-downs or are you keeping things out of guilt?
  • Will you be happy to use baby equipment that is years old?
  • Handing things down from generation to generation is not as common or necessary as it once was.
  • Do you ever put up old curtains pictures or photo frames once you have taken them down?
  • The importance of understanding when something has served you well.
  • Is a loft the best place to store books?
  • Is it worth keeping CDs, DVDs and records?
  • Why do we keep old, heavy suitcases?
  • Is a suitcase a good place to store things you need to keep?
  • Can we part with old appliance boxes?
  • Is it time to get rid of university notes or old work paperwork?
  • How much archival paperwork is a sensible amount to keep?
  • Is the loft a good storage place for photos?
  • If we are using a rotation system for seasonal clothing or toys, is it working?

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