Episode 90 – Maximising space in a loft

Loft before and after

In this podcast, we talk to Lindsay Brown from Access 4 Lofts about what you can do to maximise the space in your loft, make it accessible, user friendly and safe, so you can find what you need when you need it.

Is entering your loft like an assault course? Is it time to look at maximising the space in your loft so things are visible, accessible and safe. Listen to our podcast to find out how.

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Maximising space in your loft can be a game changer for some people as it allows you to store things you don't have space for in your house. But don't let this space be neglected. Boarding, shelving and lighting your loft effectively is critical to maximise the loft space.

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Show summary

What are the things to consider when you are looking to maximise the space in your loft? In this podcast, we discuss

  • What are the main reasons that people decide to board their loft?
  • The possibility of adding bespoke shelving to a loft space.
  • Preparing for a loft makeover is a big task. Do people typically remove everything from their loft? 
  • Why safety is so critical when working in a loft.
  • Maximising space in a loft is vital but what are the considerations about weight?
  • Can you make changes to a loft in a new build property?

In the podcast we mentioned that the loft forms part of our 8 week bootcamp. If you'd like to step up your decluttering and would like more input from Ingrid and I,  come and take a look at our membership options, our courses and our 8 week bootcamp. More information is available in our shop. If you have any questions, do let us know!

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