Episode 85 – Decluttering cards

decluttering cards

Decluttering cards can be a daunting task because some of us just love a greeting card and struggle to walk past that section of a shop without buying one. In this podcast we explore why we love them so much and why we end up with way more than we need.

Buying greetings cards is the easy bit but remembering where we put them when we need to send one can be tricky, so we just go out and buy another one. Sending a card involves lots of levels of organisation. Decluttering cards is the first step so you have some control over what you have.

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Show Summary

  • Is card sending decreasing or changing? 
  • It is important to get a handle on how many cards we have.
  • Why do people often buy a card but not get round to sending them?
  • What are the no brainers when we are decluttering cards?
  • Would you send a card without a matching envelope or vice versa?
  • Shop 'at home' first.
  • Organising solutions for cards.

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  • Tanya says:

    I look forward to listening every week . I always learn something or feel validated in some way. You speak in a friendly, practical and kind way. Keeping it real. ✔️💙💚🇦🇺

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