Episode 119 – Decluttering sentimental cards

sentimental cards

In today’s episode we will be discussing decluttering sentimental cards. Without a doubt decluttering sentimental items is the hardest category to do in your home and that is why it is so important to do sentimental items last when you have decluttered most of your home and you have space to work on a big project like that.

In this weeks podcast we talking about how to declutter sentimental cards - a huge task!

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Show summary

  • Sentimental cards are a huge task to declutter, as they include a huge range including birthday, wedding, Christmas, new baby cards, etc.
  • We discuss cards representing lots of times milestones that happen in one’s life, so it feels like a hard thing to declutter. 
  • We explore the emotions involved with keeping the card
  • We will explain the several key questions you need to ask yourself when decluttering sentimental cards.

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