Episode 32 – Keeping what is truly special within your children’s sentimental items

children's decluttered and organised sentimental items and memorabilia

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In this podcast, Lesley and Ingrid explore how sentimental we are about our children's sentimental items and how the can tackle the huge volumes that come through our door so our homes don't become overwhelmed.

Our children bring such special memories home particularly in the early years of their lives. Sometimes the amounts can mean that our homes become overwhelmed with children's sentimental items and we struggle to work out how to keep them under control so we can find the truly special things when we want to.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Aiming for quality over quantity is so important when it comes to sorting children's sentimental items.
  • How we can work through the huge volumes of greetings cards to ensure we are left with the truly special ones.
  • How to make sure you don't keep bags and bags of clothing and shoes from your child's early years to evoke memories.
  • Children's artwork and how to choose what to keep for the future.
  • Your children's schoolbooks. Different children will have different subjects that are meaningful. How you can evaluate and pare down the volumes that come home each summer.
  • Certificates, badges, medals and trophies. Which ones are going to be special in the coming years?

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  • JoAnn Massad says:

    I discourage use of rubber bands for holding papers (or anything) together because they degrade and become sticky, adhering to the very items you are trying to protect and keep together. 🙁

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