Episode 116 – Why is decluttering transformational

decluttering transformation

In today’s episode Lesley and I are talking about why decluttering is transformational. People think that decluttering is just about having less clutter, but we know from experience that it’s so much more than that!

In this weeks podcast we're talking about why decluttering is transformational! It is much more than just having less clutter

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Show summary

  • We discuss how decluttering saves time, because you’re not looking for things
  • The feelings associated with decluttering, such as less overwhelm and a sense of achievement 
  • We explore how decluttering can save you lots of money as you are not repeatedly buying things
  • We speak about why decluttering is good for the environment
  • Decluttering can result in a healthier lifestyle all round
  • We discuss how decluttering can change your lifestyle for the better as you have more time to do the things you want to do

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