Episode 111 – Decluttering tasks that have a big impact

Decluttering task

In today’s episode we are talking about what decluttering tasks you can do that have a big impact. Especially when you start out with decluttering it’s great to see space appear in your home, so you can get that positive boost and motivation to go onto your next project.

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Show Summary

  • We have identified 7 categories of “stuff” that are quite big and bulky and will create space in your home.
  • How many suitcases does 1 person or a family need?
  • Appliance boxes take up so much space!
  • Go through your coats and declutter some. You have more of them than you think and they are so bulky!
  • Take a good look at your pots and pans and ensure you have the right lids for them all and that you actually use them.
  • Are there boxes full of books in your loft, basement or garage?
  • Have you got outdated technology that you no longer use?
  • Gather all your shoes together and decide if you need them all.

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