Episode 149 – Creating Sentimental Keepsakes with guest Tracy

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Episode 159 – Abby Fermont talks about keeping it in the family

In this episode, Ingrid chats to Tracy, from Tracy’s Treasured Keepsakes. She creates keepsakes from clothes so the items can be seen every day and enjoyed. Some of the incredible items she can make include stuffed animals, blankets and cushions. 

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Show Summary

  • Tracy begins by explaining the different items she has the ability to make. These include memorial keepsakes, baby keepsakes, quilted blankets and cushions. You can also add a personal element such as recorded audio into the goods.
  • She describes how she got into the business of making these priceless keepsakes. 
  • Tracy describes the process that goes into creating sentimental keepsakes, such as deciding what the client wants, what items they have to transform and how many items are needed.
  • She tells us how much her service costs for the different items.
  • She does have a waiting list due to the popularity of her keepsakes, so she explains how to get onto her list.

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  • Judie Roberts says:

    What an interesting concept for a business. I would love to have a few specialty crafted memories.

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