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Episode 267 – Creating a beautifully organised home with LIFE / EDIT

How often have we got lost down a rabbit hole of social media when looking for tips to make our homes both functional and beautiful? Today I’m delighted to be joined by fellow Professional Organiser Zoe Berry from LIFE / EDIT who always manages to find exactly the right balance between form and function in her clients’ homes.

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Form and Function: can we have it all when decluttering?

When decluttering, the most important thing you want to achieve is a system that works for you. You want to achieve a home which has a place for everything, is calm, efficient and stress-free. That’s why you’ve decided to declutter, right?

But how do we make our home look good as well as feel good? Here are a few tips we use often when working with clients at LIFE / EDIT that you can use in your own home.

Kids' Playrooms

Do you have a KALLAX unit from IKEA that holds your kids’ toys? Most of us do (what did we do before KALLAX units?) When you’ve finished decluttering, following the brilliant advice you will have picked up from the Declutter Hub along the way, an easy way to make the unit look great is to use these labels/tags which clip on to the front of the DRONA boxes: ASTER 12 Basket Label Clip On. These look great when written on, or you can label onto them, or, a favourite of ours: use a photo of what’s in the box, or even get your kids to write or draw on them.


Hallways are key to the feeling of a house as they are the first place you walk into. But how can we make the organisation look good too? Choose a gorgeous bowl or basket to put your essentials (keys, lanyard, sunglasses etc) into and pop it on to your hall table. Then you have all the functionality and convenience but it also looks great.


There are a few different things you can do to achieve the aesthetic in your kitchen. Firstly, only keep on your surfaces what you use every day. For me, that’s a kettle, a toaster and coffee machine: nothing else. I also have tea, coffee and sugar but they are in gorgeous canisters and fit with the look of the room. Another great tip is to put your oil, vinegar, salt, pepper (or whatever else you have to hand by the hob) on to a tray. This gives a feeling of intention to them (as in: they’re supposed to be there). 


I love bookcases in a room, but without careful thought, they can look really messy as they are open shelving. A quick tip is to not overfill them. They don’t have to be stuffed full of books: consider leaving spaces between them and adding in special ornaments and plants. 

Consider how you organise your books. Do you want to rainbowtise them? (organise them by colour) or sort them by genre or height? Whatever you do, take a moment to think about how they look on the shelves. Consider proportions: it looks best if you have the larger books on the bottom of the bookcase and smaller on top. 

For more tips and hints from Zoe visit LIFE / EDIT.

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Episode 267 – Creating a beautifully organised home with LIFE / EDIT

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