Episode 69 – Guest Helen Rebello talks about intentional living

In this podcast, Lesley talks to Helen Rebello. Helen is an author, intuitive mentor and women's empowerment educator who loves helping midlife women to fulfill their potential, without stressing for striving. 

In the modern world, many of us approach mid life with a sense of 'what's this all about?' Helen and Lesley discuss what happens when overwhelm and unfulfillment in modern life takes over. Too much stuff is often a symptom of something much deeper and we discuss how intentional living can set us back on the right track with our lives and our belongings.

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Show Summary

  • What kinds of overwhelm do people experience in the modern world?
  • How we are pulled in so many directions that it is hard to slow down, reflect and allow time to think about intentional living.
  • Do people experience a mid-life crisis or is it a mid-life awakening?
  • How feeling unfulfilled or overwhelmed can manifest itself in an acquisition of too many things.
  • Helen explains 'The Magical Process' - the 8 step methodology she explores with her clients.
  • The porridge pot of energy we all have each day.
  • How vital it is to value our own worth as human beings.

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