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Episode 69 – Guest Helen Rebello talks about intentional living

In this podcast, Lesley talks to Helen Rebello. Helen is an author, intuitive mentor and women's empowerment educator who loves helping midlife women to fulfill their potential, without stressing for striving. 

In the modern world, many of us approach mid life with a sense of 'what's this all about?' Helen and Lesley discuss what happens when overwhelm and unfulfillment in modern life takes over. Too much stuff is often a symptom of something much deeper and we discuss how intentional living can set us back on the right track with our lives and our belongings.

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Helen Rebello, our guest blogger, empowers midlife women who feel unfulfilled, to be mindful and connect with themselves at a deeper level so they can work out who they are and what they want, and unlock the courage to live and work in a way that feeds their soul.

If this describes you, fear not - help is at hand – and it is easier to find the off-switch than you think.

Right now your world feels like a whirlwind, and it feels impossible to slow things down. You're feeling overwhelmed due to constantly being switched-on, and it’s hard to imagine life can be any other way. Your head’s buzzing with that long to-do list and you’ve barely time to think sometimes... if this doesn't change soon, you feel like you'll blow up!

This is not the way you are meant to be. It is not a natural state. And it doesn’t have to be this way.


Getting caught-up in the whirlwind of life is part of what makes you human and it’s normal to get overwhelmed sometimes; but in order to truly thrive rather than just survive, you need to learn ways to deal with whatever comes your way.

When I was younger, I faced some really tough challenges, causing my stress levels to rocket to the point where I had overwhelming panic attacks. This wasn’t how I wanted to live my life, so I began a journey of self-discovery that has taught both me and subsequently my lovely clients many ways to slow things down.

Change the Dynamic

It all started with one simple premise, summarised by the Barefoot Doctor: “Change the dynamic inside and the dynamic outside changes to reflect it.”

All you need is the willingness to accept that something needs to change, and the mindset to do something about it.

Give yourself the gift of time

Does that sound ridiculous?! How is that possible when you’re already so busy?! It's simpler than you think.

Every day, set your alarm clock just 5 minutes early. Yes – only 5 minutes! Or go crazy and have an extra 10 minutes!

By giving yourself the small gift of an extra 5 minutes each morning, you can change the way you start each precious day, and this can make all the difference to your life, your world, your relationships, and everything around you.

But how does that work?

Those extra 5 minutes nourish and calm your nervous system, letting the ‘rest and digest’ functions get a look in – switching off the adrenaline, so your system gets some much-needed restoration and the ‘fight or flight’ whirlwind stops for a while.

You’re going to spend 5 minutes being quiet and mindful, and focusing on your breathing and your mindset. Ideally you do this before you get up, but you can do it in the shower or whilst drying your hair – the things you’re already doing anyway.

See how easy this is going to be?!

Take a breath – stop and give yourself 5 minutes each day before you do anything else, to simply breathe. Consciously breathe - not the usual breathing you do that barely fills your lungs, but full, luxurious breathing... visualising that lovely fresh air entering your lungs, bringing new energy and space into your system.

Whilst you’re doing this, thank the world for giving you another day, and visualise yourself ending that day with a smile on your face.

This precious gift of time will set the tone for the rest of your day.

It may seem counter-intuitive to spend 5 minutes essentially doing ‘nothing’, when you're a busy person - but the fact is your body and mind will thank you for it . You’ll feel calmer and you’ll start the day with a positive mind-set.

If you do this regularly, it will reverse your constant ‘switched-on’ state, and your ability to manage stress will slowly keep increasing.

Try it for one week and see the difference

You’ve nothing to lose except 5 minutes of your time – and it might just make each day slow down and flow more freely.

Helen Rebello, our guest blogger is an author, intuitive mentor and women’s empowerment educator who loves helping midlife women to fulfil their potential, without stressing or striving.

She does this by writing about and teaching her Magical Processes to a small, soulful community of women who want to live in a more fulfilling, mindful, less depleting way that feeds their soul. Less hustle. More flow.

If you want to do your next decade differently, alongside a small soulful community of like-minded souls, join the free Magical Life Movement to get started.

You can follow Helen on Instagram or find out more about her work on her website.

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