Episode 118 – How is 2021 going to be different?


In today’s episode we're discussing how 2021 will be different. Our resolutions and priorities will have changed with the new year. There is also hope this year will be better!

In this weeks podcast we talking about how 2021 will be different!

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Show summary

  • We explore the idea that the 1st of January is often a day for new habits and resolutions for the year 
  • We discuss how you can make sure that 2021 will be different for you
  • We suggest that it is crucial to only focus on one main topic at a time 
  • When you start focusing on your home, declutter your belongings and organise them in a place where you can find them the other things start to fall into place. 
  • We discuss our new challenge which is starting on the 4th January - find out more information here

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