Podcast 189 – What’s a photo without the story with Guest Hazel Thornton

Have you got boxes full of (old or new) photos and no idea of what to do with them? Are you intrigued by the people in these photos and do you want to find out more about them? In this podcast episode I’m chatting to Hazel Thornton from Org4Life about why the story behind the photo’s can help you create a family legacy.

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Show Summary

  • How did Hazel change from hands on organising to helping her clients with genealogy

  • What is her book “What’s a photo without the story” about

  • What makes this book different from other organising and genealogy books?

  • Why is it important to tell the stories of your photos and to add photos to your stories?

  • Who is this woman on the front cover of your book?

  • What are the SPACE and ABCS acronyms?

  • What is the difference between genealogy and family history?

  • What is the difference between memorabilia and keepsakes

  • Which 5 questions do you need to ask yourself?

  • What does downsizing have to do with creating a legacy?

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