Episode 106 – What I have learnt from my Mum

In today’s episode Lesley speaks to her children Luke, Leah and Nathan about growing up with a declutterer and the regular chores they had to do around the house to get them involved in keeping an organised home.

In this weeks podcast Lesley discusses what her children have learned from living with a declutterer, and how she got them to help around the home

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Show summary

  • Lesley speaks to her kids to see whether living with a Professional Organiser all their lives has taught them anything about decluttering and organisation - good or bad.
  • Lesley discusses the non-negotiables she has instilled into her kids, and how they use them in everyday life. 
  • She talks about how she gets her children involved with organising in the home and the chores they have to do each day to reset the home.
  • They talk about what chores they now do daily.

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