Episode 33 – Guest expert, Kate Ibbotson, shares her insight into decluttering and organising children’s toys

Kate Ibbotson

In this podcast, Lesley talks to Kate Ibbotson, Yorkshire based Professional Organiser and owner of A Tidy Mind, about decluttering and organising children's toys. 

Kate is Mum to six year old twins, Henry and Eva, and knows first hand how difficult it can be to keep toys under control. She shares her insight into how best to handle decluttering and organising children's toys.

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Show Summary

  • Large volumes of toys can be overwhelming to a small child.
  • Children will mimic their parents' behaviour and so we should model exemplary habits of organisation from an early age.
  • It's vital to encourage letting go of toys that are not being played with to make room for new ones.
  • Whether playrooms are the ideal place for children to play or just a huge help in storing and organising children's toys. 
  • The most common toy storage solutions we see are the IKEA KallaxTrofast and Samla systems. Do they work?
  • How unlidded, transparent boxes work best for organising children's toys.
  • Incorporating tidy up time into a play session.
  • The move towards conscious spending in today's society.
  • The pros and cons of toy rotation.

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