Episode 67 – What to do with unwanted gifts

a group of beautifully wrapped presents

In this podcast, we talk about decluttering unwanted gifts you recieved over the holiday season. It's always hard to know what to do when you receive a gift you aren't fond of as we feel ungrateful or guilty. We talk about the emotions we feel and the actions we can take if we decide to focus on decluttering unwanted gifts.

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Show Summary

  • How do we pass on unwanted gifts without offending people?
  • Rethinking your responsibilities as a gift giver.
  • Should you allow the recipient of an unwanted gift to make the choice what to do with it?
  • It's vital to focus more on intentional spending and shopping.
  • A gift giver should not want a gift to become a burden.
  • Guilt is a debilitating emotion when it comes to clutter.
  • It's vital to establish boundaries when giving or receiving hand me downs.
  • Targeted donations can be great but can also be a barrier.
  • Is regifting a good thing?
  • The general shift towards experiences not stuff.

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