Episode 148 – Using a skip or dumpster when decluttering

Episode 155 – The Discovery of Less with Guest Chris Lovett
Episode 154 – Preparing kids’ stuff for Uni

In this episode, we speak about the practicalities of using a skip or dumpster when decluttering and how necessary they are to complete a project. It is important to take into account how much you are planning on decluttering and the financial cost involved with skips/dumpsters.

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Show Summary

  • We go through the thought process as to why someone may consider getting a skip during a decluttering project
  • It is not always a good idea to just decide to throw everything away as you have no control over the process and is a lot of pressure on yourself.
  • Skips are useful to clear rubbish, not clutter! Often clutter can be put onto freecycle, given to the charity shop or given to friends and family.
  • You need to consider the logistics for a skip - will you be able to get a permit to keep it on the road, or have you got a driveway you can put it on?
  • It is hard to know the right size of skip you need, it is often underestimated and skips need to be packed in the correct way!

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