Podcast 181 – Sentimental jewellery

Have you got lots of lovely jewellery some of which you’ve had for decades? Over time, jewellery becomes sentimental and that makes it harder for us to make the right decisions about it when we are decluttering. In today’s podcast we're talking all about sentimental jewellery.

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Show Summary

  • What constitutes sentimental jewellery?

  • Is jewellery sentimental if it has been inherited?

  • Jewellery goes out of fashion in the same way as other things

  • How do you deal with tarnished, tangled or broken jewellery?

  • Should you repurpose unwanted jewellery?

  • When should you do a jewellery declutter?

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  • Debbie Riley says:

    A pleasure to listen to as always. Never thought of combining special jewellery before. Definitely a project! Thankyou lovely ladies.

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