Episode 41 – Lesley Spellman, the person behind the podcast.

Lesley Spellman's children with flowers

In this podcast, Ingrid asks Lesley about her life leading up to becoming a Professional Organiser. We talk about whether things in Lesley's childhood, early career and her life since had a bearing on her becoming a Professional Organiser.

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Show Summary

  • Lesley's love of changing her room around regularly as a child.
  • Lesley's Mum paying her to clean out the kitchen cupboards and how she loved it.
  • Moving to Holland as a twenty year old opened her eyes to a different culture and way of living and working.
  • Working in retail and as a PA was critical towards shaping her love of organisational systems.
  • A move to America was the first time Lesley discovered the organising profession.
  • Once back in the UK, Lesley renovated a derelict house that had been lived in by a compulsive hoarder.
  • Managing a family and following regular routines was impactful. 

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