Episode 45 – Ingrid Jansen, the person behind the podcast.

In this podcast, Lesley asks Ingrid about her life leading up to becoming a Professional Organiser. We talk about whether things in Ingrid's childhood, early career and her life since had a bearing on her becoming a Professional Organiser.

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Show Summary

  • How Ingrid learnt so much about cleaning and organising in her childhood from her Mum and Dad.
  • Ingrid did an exchange year in the USA at 16 and it had a huge impact.
  • Ingrid became Head of Housekeeping at a 5 star hotel in her early twenties.
  • Working in a lettings agency taught her project management, processes and systems.
  • Four years in Dublin and two children later, Ingrid and her husband moved over to the UK.
  • Friends and family encouraged Ingrid to take her love of organising and make a business out of it and the rest is history. 

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