Episode 93 – What should I do with my wedding dress?

wedding dress

What should I do with my wedding dress? There's no right or wrong answer. It's a tricky one and depends on the space you have, how sentimental you are and how you feel about re-purposing it. In this podcast we will discuss why wedding dresses are tricky to declutter, whether you should even contemplate decluttering them and some handy donation or re-purposing options.

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Show Summary

  • Ingrid and Lesley discuss what they are planning to do with their wedding dresses.
  • Don't worry that you are finding this a tricky decision - it is one of the hardest things to decide.
  • What people typically do with wedding dresses is they go down the re-purposing route.
  • How to take care of your wedding dress so it stays looking its best.
  • Options for donating your dress.
  • Options for selling your wedding dress.
  • Options for fun activities to re wear your wedding dress.

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