Episode 94 – Chronic disorganisation strategies

Alison Lush chronic disorganization

In this podcast, we talk to Alison Lush from the Institute of Challenging Disorganization who shares with us the strategies she has used for herself and her clients to tackle chronic disorganisation.

Are you looking for strategies to help with chronic disorganisation? In this podcast, we welcome @alisonmarielush from @icd to explain strategies she has used for herself and her clients.

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Finding strategies to help with chronic disorganisation can be a minefield but self knowledge is the key to finding a way forward.

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Show summary

What are some of the strategies that help when trying to tackle chronic disorganisation?

  • Create a no-judgement zone.
  • Do a tour of your own home to establish how you FEEL about each area.
  • Start slow and start small. 
  • Tackle perfection and establish what is 'good enough'?
  • Identify systems you have at home that are currently working.
  • Be patient - some things take a while to sort out.
  • Be curious - look for the clues.
  • Have humility - understand that this is more difficult for you than other people.
  • Be flexible - it may take lots of different attempts to make progress.
  • Be persistent - don't give up!

What else do we know about decluttering with chronic disorganisation?

  • Combining self knowledge with classic decluttering strategies is powerful.
  • Extra maintenance will probably be required.
  • You should start somewhere that is not emotionally difficult.

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