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Episode 224 – What are the latest storage trends with Simon Glanville from A Place for Everything

The final step in decluttering and organising your home is finding the right storage solutions that will work for your home. In today’s podcast we’re delighted to be speaking with Simon from A Place for Everything about different storage options and the trends for 2023.

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Simon Glanville from a Place For Everything has shared some fantastic ideas for storage for the festive period in this blog.

Christmas Decoration Storage

It’s that time of the year when the festive decorations come-down and get packed away into the dog-eared old box for another 12-months, but it doesn’t have to be so awkward next holiday season. With a little planning and thought, next year’s Christmas decorating can be a little more organised.

Plastic storage boxes are great for storing baubles but are quite unforgiving for those precious glass tree decorations. Choose a fibreboard storage box as an alternative to protect your families favourite delicate decorations or even a plastic storage box with card dividers rather than plastic dividers to avoid damage.

Fold-flat decoration storage boxes are fantastic for popping in a cupboard or under the sofa whilst the decorations are up. Better still, they avoid the need to re-visit the attic or find a temporary home for a big and bulky box that you could do without hanging around when guests call and space is at a premium during the holidays.

Avoiding the tangle of fairly lights and tinsel might just avoid a festive argument too and simple light winders can save a lot of time and frustration next time you’re decorating. However, a piece of study cardboard is just as good and offers a simple alternative.

Toy Clutter

Despite many of our best intentions, children often get spoilt during the festive season and toy clutter is a problem plaguing many a household in the New Year.

If you’re pushed on space and wanting to clear the clutter of toys, think vertically to free-up precious floor-space. Modular cube storage offer a simple tailored storage solution and can be worked around your free-space. Bespoke with scooped open fronted baskets for easy access or simple storage cubes.

Re-purposing stacking recycle bins makes for a great way to containerize larger toys and offers good visibility and access without the need to unstack heavy oversized plastic storage boxes when toys at the bottom of the pile are wanted.

Colour coding and containerizing in smaller more manageable boxes can also be a useful way of encouraging play and tidying-up when play-time is over. LEGO’s fab. colourful oversized LEGO storage boxes and drawers in the shape of LEGO bricks make for both practical stackable storage and often make tidy-up time a lot more fun for little ones.

Happy New Year!

Many of us (try and) make it our New Year’s Resolution to be a little more organised but how many of us really stick to it throughout the year?!

Getting organised can be about saving time as well as space and the golden rule here is ‘Start Small’. Small changes and ‘quick wins’ can make you feel good and provide effective encouragement to keep going.

A simple weave or leather tray on a hallway console table to stash the car keys, sunglasses, purse or the content of your pockets provides an effective way to contain daily clutter and might just save you a few minutes in the morning when hunting for the car keys before the school-run or journey to work.

The average time spent in the shower each morning is 8 minutes but if you could make it 5, you could find precious extra time for the morning routine and save a little water plus cut down on the energy bill. This 5-minute shower timer offers a fun and effective solution that might just give you a few extra minutes and make all the difference when it comes to being a little more organised.

For more tips and hints on storing toys and Christmas Decoration storage, visit A Place For Everything’s blog page.

You can also check out our podcast with Simon where we discuss the latest storage trends.

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