Episode 59 – Organising trophies and medals

shelves with organised medals and trophies

In this podcast to mark Remembrance Sunday in the UK, we take the opportunity to talk about military medals and other medals and trophies. It can be difficult to work out whether medals and trophies should be kept. It is a personal decision as they differ so much in importance and sentimentality to people. We chat about organising trophies and medals and where to find inspiration for storage.

Useful Links and Resources

Show Summary

  • What do we do with those things that commemorate a special achievement?
  • The difference between receiving a medal as a child and an adult.
  • How quality over quantity isn't always the best way when organising trophies and medals.
  • How the value of a trophy or medal varies for different people. 
  • Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for storage ideas for organising trophies and medals.
  • Where you can sell or donate you unwanted medals and trophies.

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