Episode 160 – The Power of Talking with Guest Stelios Kiosses

In this podcast Ingrid talks to Stelios Kiosses, a psychotherapist and Clinical Lead for Edison Education. He studied at Oxford University, teaches at Harvard University and is also known here in the UK as TV psychologist and presenter for Channel 4’s series The Hoarder Next Door.

And that is how Lesley and Ingrid first heard of Stelios, because we saw him on the tv talking to people who suffer with hoarding disorder. He now has a book out  called “The Power of Talking”, so it’s the perfect chance to chat to Stelios on the podcast.

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Show Summary

  • Introduction to Stelios his book “The Power of Talking” 

  • What is synchronicity? 

  • Using intuition or gut feeling

  • Decluttering is a journey where preparation is key 

  • Complicated or complex grief and people who have clutter

  • Feeling so overwhelmed when you have lots of clutter

  • Hoarding Disorder 

  • My favourite quote of the book 

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