Episode 130 – Is a one to one session with a Professional Organiser helpful

working with a professional organiser

In today’s episode Lesley and I are talking about whether a one to one session with a professional organiser is helpful. We both have our other businesses The Clutter Fairy (Lesley) and Organise Your House (Ingrid), so we have plenty of experience between us both.

In this weeks podcast we are discussing whether it is helpful to have a one-on-one professional organising session

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Show summary

  • This week is APDO Spring Cleaning Week, so we thought our podcast would fit in well
  • We discuss both of our Professional Organising businesses in South East London and the North West
  • There have been a few comments about the need for a one-to-one session in our Facebook Community, so we have decided to state our personal opinions on the topic
  • We compare the use of one-to-one sessions and using The Declutter Hub instead. What is the difference between them, and what is better?
  • We  offer our honest advice about the two options for your decluttering journey

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