Episode 115 – Organising teenagers with Juliet Landau-Pope

Juliet Landau-Pope, organising teens coach
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In this episode, we are talking to our good friend, Juliet Landau-Pope about organising teenagers. She is an award-winning productivity coach and study skills consultant, helping students and young adults to develop time management, organising and exam revision skills.

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Show Summary

  • We discuss how we know each other through our work with APDO
  • We explore the specific organising challenges that teenagers often face and how to help them develop their organising skills
  • We delve into why organising skills can cross over and help teenagers with their study skills, which are hugely important
  • We speak about why is it so difficult for parents to motivate their own teenagers to tidy up and get organised
  • We finish by discussing Juliet's top tips for both teenagers and parents when organising

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