Episode 12 – Last Minute Christmas Preparation

Christmas preparation last minute

Almost ready for Christmas? Is there still some last minute Christmas preparation to be done? It's only a few days to the big day and we are hoping you're feeling organised and in control. If you still need some pointers, listen in on our last minute tips for Christmas preparation.

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Show Summary

  • Finish decorating the house and don’t forget to add time for cleaning up
  • Declutter your Christmas decorations if you’re not putting them up
  • Don’t get carried away with last minute shopping
  • Plan your food and drink shopping and double check who will bring what? 
  • Setting your table for Christmas and getting the crockery out 
  • Schedule time to pick up your Christmas meat if you have ordered meat at the butcher 
  • Buy your Christmas flowers  
  • Allocate time to deliver your gifts. Spending time with your family is what it’s all about

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