Episode 10 – Preparing for a super organised Christmas

Santa Preparing for Christmas Checklist

December is an incredibly busy time of year and there are so many things that need doing and organising. It's great idea to get stuff done in November so you can enjoy the run up to the holiday season as well. We want to give you some handy tips on preparing for Christmas. 

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Show Summary

  • Preparing for Christmas
  • Planning ahead -  your online grocery slots, nail and hair appointments.
  • Deciding who will go where over Christmas and who you can delegate tasks to.
  • Putting dates in the diary for nativity plays, Christmas shows and pantos.
  • Shopping for Christmas cards/wrapping and tags if you need them.
  • Pre - planning who you will buy for and your budget.
  • Shopping for your and your family's Christmas outfits.
  • Decluttering your kids toys/books and craft supplies to make space for an inflow of stuff.
  • Eating from your freezer, fridge and pantry to make space for Christmas food.
  •  Preparing your spare room for guests.

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