Episode 64 – Christmas with Lesley and Ingrid

living room with christmas tree and fireplace

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In this podcast, we talk all how Lesley and Ingrid celebrate Christmas in The Netherlands and the UK.

As Christmas approaches, Ingrid and Lesley take the time to reflect on how they celebrate Christmas with their own extended families, traditions, celebrations and how things differ in the UK and Holland are all on the agenda.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The dilemma of whether to send Christmas cards or not.
  • The difference in how we celebrate Christmas in the UK and Holland.
  • How important it is to decide within a family what form of gift giving is appropriate.
  • How Ingrid's family focus on experiences not stuff.
  • How continuing family traditions is one of the most important parts of Christmas.
  • Alternatives to cooking Christmas dinner yourself.
  • Boxing Day traditions.

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