Episode 31 – Decluttering a garage

Messy garage to declutter

In the podcast, Lesley and Ingrid talk about decluttering a garage. How do you declutter, sort and organise your garage so it works as a space again.

Garages were originally build to hold cars but people have so much stuff these days that garages have become dumping grounds for items that no longer fit in your home and cars end up outside because they can't fit in anymore. 

Useful Links and Resources

Show Summary

  • Preparation and Planning: clothing, weather, enlisting help, prepare your space, start early and plan breaks.
  • Logistics: skip, charities, hippo bags, going to the tip, flammable liquids, man with a van. 
  • Storage: look if you have suitable storage boxes, shelving, bike racks
  • Psychology: how does a garage become a dumping ground
  • Zoning: categorise, labelling, boxes, containerising
  • What kind of items do we find in garages?

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