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Episode 244 – How to create your lasting legacy

Deciding what to leave behind when you die is a personal decision that should be made with care and consideration for your loved ones and your own values and priorities. But how do we make sure we are leaving the right things to the right people so your legacy can be a lasting one?

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  1. I am curious…. What is the legacy you would think i would leave as a minimalist? I would really appreciate some input from this new community i have found. I literally have 43 things, nothing of value except my car. And at 43 and my car is a 2013, I doubt it would be worth anything when i die. All i own is clothes and a few toiletries. I mean I have a minimal house of things but for example 8 pieces of furniture in my entire home. Nothing is hanging on the wall , no lamps, no pictures. I just like the empty space; it brings me calm. I do not put value on material things. I appreciate clothes for the warmth and comfort and modesty. I appreciate and value toiletries for hygiene. As a whole though i don’t put value on ‘things.’ Rather i put value of experiencing life. To laugh, to breath, to live. What legacy will i leave? Thank you for any input. Love this podcast and this community! Bethanie in TN, USA

    1. Hi Bethanie, thank you for your comment. Your question has really made me think. There are 2 ideas that popped into my mind after reading.

      Firstly are photographs something you love and take a lot on your travels while experiencing life? Can you maybe curate your top 100 photographs and create a photobook of them?

      Or secondly have you got a lot of stories to tell about your travels and life and do you want to log your best ones in a book? We've done a podcast with Story Terrace. Check it out here: https://declutterhub.com/capturing-your-life/

      1. Thank you so much for replying! I feel like a bit star stuck because a celebrity has responded to me.
        I don’t take photos. I will take a picture of something funny i see or something i want to show my husband or a refund QR code to do an Amazon return. But at the end of the night, part of my reset in the evening i clear out and delete all my photos, emails, texts, and phone calls. I delete my browsing history as well. I live a very simple life and love it that way. I have 4 pairs of shoes, two pairs of jeans, five tshirts, and one duffle. I counted i have 43 total personal belongings including my car. * That fact has been helpful since my traumatic brain injury. Back to my legacy, i am still thinking on it. I have made plans and had those difficult conversations with my husband and parents; conversations about my wishes after i pass. I want to have a direct cremation and donate what of my belongings that can be of use, toss or recycle the rest. And go out to eat and tell stories and laugh. I absolutely love your podcast and have binged them all. The ten things to declutter episodes, i am pleased to say I haven’t had anything on the lists. I would love to be able to send pictures to you both to get your professional opinion. Thank you so much for responding and for listening!! Bethanie.
        Ps. In America we call a valance a bedskirt. A valance here is a type of small curtain. And a glovebox is called that here in America and gets its name from when people used driving gloves, and there was a box near the driver to store the gloves. Just some fun facts.

      2. I have been thinking on this since I listened to the podcast. I am wondering… maybe me legacy is that ‘aunt bebe’ didn’t put value on material things, but on experiences and relationships. My nephew is the only one who would be left to know my legacy. And i think a legacy of not putting a lot of value on material possessions is a good legacy. I put value on nature, people, and family. Perhaps that is my legacy.

  2. I am totally on board with this concept and has made me think more about what I have in my home and what will be left behind. I have ordered a copy of the Swedish death clearing book from the library. My mum is also decluttering her home right now with this concept in mind. I think it’s a sensible approach to take in life.

    1. Yes we agree! It's actually a gift to have a decluttered and organised home for those that are left behind. Thank you for sharing and if you need help with decluttering check out our wonderful membership.

  3. Thank you for tackling this important area in your usual warm and friendly way. I was challenged by the idea of shredding those journals that have meant so much to me, but are private – and marked with a red dot to be shredded when I die. Perhaps I can re-read them and decide whether I am comfortable with family knowing more about who and what sustained me through dark days.
    I am keeping a looseleaf notebook of photos of family heirlooms and the stories behind them.
    This is one of your best ever podcasts – bringing in your own experiences and families, with sensitivity to different experiences of the generations.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Barbara and we're delighted you enjoyed this podcast so much. Your looseleaf notebook sounds amazing and feel free to share some photos of this in our fb group if you want. I'm sure it will inspire others as well.

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